Intellisoft is an American owned and operated company. We are experts in data security. We design, develop, install and support identity management software, credential management software, personal identity verification software, and access control software for both government and large organizations.

We’re headed to Google

“We’re headed to Google”

Those were the first words that David Peeples - Intellisoft’s Founder and President - yelled down the hallway after he ended his phone call with the West Coast Giant. 

“I couldn’t resist sharing my excitement to be demonstrating our solutions to Google.” David said. “I just wanted our employees to hear about this with some passion and not just through another email.”

“10 years ago, very few companies in the private sector were looking for what we offered, but now we are seeing an increase in their wants and needs. This change aligns with the level of security we provide and puts us in the same room with companies like Google.”  

In the past, Intellisoft was primarily known for their government contracts dedicated to enhancing the security with organizations like the Pentagon, Reagan National Airport, as well as other Federal and State Agencies. Now they are seeing the opportunity to expand their efforts by reaching the private sector through strategic partners.

So what is it that Google wants? 

“Better security” said David as he smiled. He didn’t want to get into the specifics, but he did say that Intellisoft offered a solution that solved some really unique challenges Google is facing.

“What we are proposing not only solves an immediate challenge for customers like Google, but our security solution also gives their employees a better experience even before they arrive at work.” said David. I guess we’ll have to take that as a hint.

It’s no secret that Google is all about enhancing the employee work experience with never-ending gourmet food and snacks, free rides to and from work, and “massage credits’” when you do an awesome job.  So I asked David if he was planning to bring back some of the extraordinary employee experiences that Google is so well known for.

“We’re going to check out everything and enjoy this trip to the fullest. It’s a nice direction for our company.  I’ll see what they have, but I don’t think we’ll see an indoor slide or a decompression “stress” capsule at Intellisoft after I return next week.”

Well Done Sir.  At least you’ve done your homework.

Russell Compton
Vice President of Marketing